• Q:Cold use vacuum bottle can not hold hot water?

    Cold use bottle can holdwater. However, you tend to scald when you use cold use bottle with straight upmouth to drink hot water. When you cold use bottle, we sugest holding lowertemperature water.

  • Q:Why the temperature can not reach the heat retention effect which marks on the website?

    The heat retention effectis changing along with the environment. Heat insulation Rating is based onwater at a starting temperature of 203°F (95°C) at a room temperature of 77°F (25°C).Cold insulating Rating is based on water at a starting temperature of 40°F (4°C)at a room temperature of 77°F (25°C).

  • Q:What is MOQ and delivery time and payment term?

    MOQ: 2000pcs per color per model
    Sample leadtime: 7days
    Massproduction time: 45days
    Payment term:TT and LC at sight

  • Q:What type of stainless steel does Tafuco use?
    All our stainless steel drinking containers are madeof a premium food-grade type 304 stainless steel containing 18% chromium and 8%nickel with documented raw materials testing. This material is chosen for itsconsistent quality and performance characteristics of not leaching chemicals,staining, corroding or rusting.
  • Q:How do I know your stainless steel drinking containers meet International Food Container Standards?
    We have a testing chain-of-custody process to ensurewe are delivering drinking containers that meet international food-gradestandards. 
  • Q:Can we use our own logo or designs?

    Yes, you can.We can do the logos by using different printing process.

    The differentprocesses depend on the different logos. Mainly logo printing processes: silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, air transfer printing, water transfer,laser engraving, embossed, electrical corrosion etc.
  • Q:What certifications do you have?
    We have domestic and FDA certification for stainlesssteel vacuum flasks and containers.
  • Q: Do you provide OEM developing services?
     Yes, we haveplenty experience in OEM developing. Customers’ OEM project is welcome.
  • Q:Discolor of the inner vessel?
    The inner vessel is made of stainless steel. However, it rust-like discolorationcome from iron in the water. There is mineral deposit. Please clean with citricacid or white vinegar. Mix with the citric acid/white vinegar and hot water, leave it for a few hours, and then wash with soft sponge.
  • Q: Does not keep hot / cold?

    -Did you drop/hit the product? Or did you strike theunit? The vacuum structure is no longer working this case and the unit is unrepaired.

    -How much did you pour thebeverage? It needs adequate amount to keep the beverage hot/cold.

    -Do not wash the outer surfaceof bottle. It may lead to damage vacuum structure. It will cause the rustingand declining the temperature retention.

    -Do you use the product inextremely cold/hot place? The temperature retention declines in extreme weather condition.

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